Crisis management is like jumping hurdles

Young athletic man making an effort while jumping hurdles and looking at the camera.What will you do when something happens and it’s not “business as usual”?  You’re going to feel like you’re jumping hurdles… as soon as you’re over one, another one is right in front of you.  It’s exhausting!  Here are seven ideas for you to consider when your firm experiences some negative attention from a lawsuit, a client problem, an attack from a competitor, or something else unforeseen. (more…)

The importance of graphic design in winning new clients

graphic design blogAs I have written about and expressed many times in conversation, one challenge of professional services marketing is that most of your clients and prospects don’t understand what you do or how you do it.  If they were being honest, they don’t want to know, they just want to have trust that hiring you help them reach their goals.

Since they don’t want to become subject matter experts in order to determine the quality of your work on its merits, they are forced to make a partially illogical leap between what they can see and understand, your marketing, and the quality of your work.

9 Professional Email Best Practices

Email best practicesIn professional services we are hired to take care of things for clients that they don’t fully understand.  Therefore, the year-round treatment and communications clients receive from your team become how they determine the quality of your work.  It may not be logical, but it’s true.  We all have email inboxes that constantly full despite heroic efforts to clear them out.   But it’s not a race to the bottom.  Here are nine email best practices.   (more…)

The art and purpose of story telling

story telling in marketingAs a B2B organization your target audience is, well, businesses, obviously.  But how does a business buy something?  Since a logo can’t get a credit card, there is a big push in marketing to consider ALL businesses P2P or person to person.  As it goes, even in B2B, you (a person) are going to have to convince another person (who represents a business) that yours is the best solution to the business’ issue.

So if we frame it this way, we can borrow an eons old and masterfully successful way to create a connection with someone, story telling. (more…)

How professional services firms can create blog content year-round

Alison Simons blog content strategy | Simons MarketingI don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that for most professional services firms it takes a concerted effort to create content for the website’s blog.  Billable work takes priority, and when busy season hits, all bets are off.

But this stuff matters.  57% of a typical B2B purchasing decision occurs before the decision maker has a conversation with any potential providers.  And even if you get a prospect through a referral, at some point in the buying process, 81% of all buyers go online to check out your professional services firm.  (source)  Having a robust library of articles to reinforce your firm’s expertise in various industries or services will separate you from the competition in a meaningful way.

Here are five ideas to help you develop a blog content strategy: (more…)