How confident are you that your firm will reach this year’s growth goals?

Since professional services firms rely on partners and other senior professionals for new business development, consider these questions:


Who isn’t bidding very often?


Who has a low win rate?


Who is carrying the weight of the others?

I can provide a tool and a process that provides clarity to these questions.  With accurate and updated information available, your partner meeting discussions can address progress-to-goal for the firm’s growth overall and by individual contributor.  This will allow us to provide support and guidance to each person allowing them to perform at their full potential.

Simons Marketing can help your firm grow by creating individual marketing plans for each person involved with the firm’s growth today – and tomorrow.  We can determine how/where each person’s time is best spent from the right networking organizations to non-profit boards, to presenting or writing articles.  Everyone can participate in marketing in some way to help the firm’s growth.

What's your firm's growth goal?

Let’s talk about how can Simons Marketing help you reach your growth goals.

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Hi, nice to meet you.  Want to get married?
Ridiculous, right?

But quite often you get introduced by a referral source to a prospect and immediately need to propose your services.  There’s a lot to do in a short amount of time to convince your prospect to trust you both emotionally and intellectually.  They need to feel confident that you are the best choice to help them solve a pressing issue or to reach their goal.

I can help you identify improvements to both your proposal document and proposal process to win more new business.

I’d be glad to answer your questions.  Reach out any time!

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